African Children’s Fund

African Children’s Fund is a UK based charity established in 2006 that has a renewed commitment to Africa’s children.

Our vision
Our vision is to give every African child the opportunity to:
•    Receive an education
•    Live without fear in a society of equality and justice
•    Live in a society at peace
•    Be given a voice, be heard and listened to, and have their opinions respected and their concerns addressed

What we do
We are presently striving to address these issues in:
•    Kenya
•    Tanzania
•    Uganda
•    Zimbabwe

One of the main elements of our programme is the provision of ‘Porridge Clubs’ within a number of schools in these regions, which ensure children are fed a nutritious meal on a daily basis. We are also looking to subsidise these meals by supporting the growth of vegetables, to help these schools become self-sustainable. We also help fund bore holes, suitable school buildings, safe children’s homes and a range of other initiatives.

How we work
In each country we operate in, we carry out the four elements of our vision in a manner that responds to local needs and advice from our partners on the ground. We endeavour to understand the reasons why children may not be taking up the free primary education that is available to them, and put solutions in place to eliminate each of the problems raised.

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