Rosa, set up in 2008, is the first UK-wide fund for projects working with women and girls and was conceived to address the need for women’s projects in the UK to receive greater recognition and financial support.

Our vision
Our vision is one of equality and justice for women and girls in the UK. While many women do enjoy great freedom and success, that’s simply not true for all women. Women and girls aren’t short of ideas to help create change. But they’re often short of the money they need to turn those ideas into reality.

What we do
Rosa is there to help women change ideas into reality, even when they don’t have the resources. We raise and distribute money to women’s projects and encourage others to do the same. Since our launch in 2008, we’ve supported grassroots organisations working on issues to do with Body Image, has co-funded a £1million special initiative tackling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in this country, has co-funded a £2million project aimed at keeping women offenders out of prison, and has sponsored a leadership award for women creating change.

How we work
Rosa’s most recent grant round saw us invest £100,000 in projects that are working to join grassroots and strategic elements to fight the impact of cuts on women, to build an infrastructure of feminist activism, and to develop and disseminate a UK-wide strategy on violence against women in black and minority communities. Rosa will always work to support the ideas that women and girls have, investing in the solutions they create for the problems they identify.

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