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Car Donation Network is a charity car recycling service with a difference – we’ve got royal approval!

Logo for The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: Sustainable Development 2010

Recycling Lives: winner of the Queen's Award

Recycling Lives, the social business behind Car Donation Network, holds a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

The prestigious award was awarded to just ten organisations in 2010 and recognises the performance of the Recycling Lives and Car Donation Network across a range of areas, including social, environmental and commercial sustainability.

Car Donation Network is just one of many Community Dotcom schemes developed by Recycling Lives in a bid to sustain charitable endeavours and provide local communities with much needed, eco-friendly services.

As a Community Dotcom scheme, we’re pleased to help support local charities and the work of the Recycling Lives social welfare charity. When you donate a car to the Car Donation Network, the profits made from the sale or disposal of your vehicle are split between a charity of your choice and the Recycling Lives social welfare charity.

This means that 100% of our revenue goes to sustaining charity.

Steve Jackson meets Her Majesty The Queen

Steve Jackson OBE, founder of Recycling Lives and Car Donation Network, meets Her Majesty The Queen

The Recycling Lives social welfare charity assists homeless people, ex-armed forces personnel, ex-offenders, people with disability and people facing unemployment by providing the help and support they need to gain long-term employment and return to independent living.

By providing safe accommodation, Recycling Lives assists Residents in the short term but also gives them the opportunity to make long-term changes. The charity offers a variety of training opportunities including academic and vocational qualifications as well as work placement and work experience opportunities.

In addition to offering support via our commercial activities, Car Donation Network is pleased to help Recycling Lives Residents directly by offering work placements to those who require work experience. This enables Residents to gain crucial employment skills and work as part of a team, thus increasing their self-confidence.

We’re pleased to work with an organisation so committed to corporate social responsibility and an organisation which has been recognised for its work in sustainable development.

Steve Jackson OBE, founder of Recycling Lives and Car Donation commented on the award, saying:

“Recycling Lives is a business model developed specifically to practice sustainable corporate social responsibility. I am hopeful that this Royal patronage from the HRM Queen Elizabeth II will highlight the Recycling Lives model as a solution to many issues currently facing communities across the country.”

If you’d like to support the work of Car Donation Network and donate your car to charity, contact us today!